hermes handtasche Can I tell you how relieved I am to see Kimmie K. wearing something light , blousy and not black ? I have them all black , faux - maternity wardrobe for a few weeks now kvetching . I mean, this is essentially a harem pants jumpsuit , but if better wear such things as when you brush for two?If you know anything about bags ( and you probably are , otherwise you'd be at cat pictures on BuzzFeed literally look like everyone else on the internet) know , you know that Hermes is the holy grail . Sure, a woman might be the personal grail bag is not Hermes, but when it comes to the hierarchy of luxury handbags , Hermes nobody goes at its own game . This also means that the brand bags are notoriously hard to find, especially in the most sought after and exotic colors . Thanks to Moda Operandi and Heritage Luxury Auctions, but you now have a series of Hermes bags at your fingertips through 16 April .Moda Heritage and run these sales every now and then , and they never fail to upset me. This particular sale includes everything from rare and exotic options Birkin club to a very special limited edition sterling silver mini Kelly. Some bags are already sold, but there are many beautiful note, especially if you have money to spend in the high five figures . Here, operandi whole sales via Moda and admire our favorites below .