alle taschen von hermes As much as people do at their jokes , Kim Kardashian is no fool when it comes to fashion and handbags in particular. Before being famous , famous, Kim was an LA stylist and boutique owner , who often sold things from their own wardrobe on eBay. Just because Kimmy is now an internationally famous megastar that shortly before the birth of Kanye West's child does not mean that these wise resale has gone instincts of the route ; Heritage Luxury Auctions ' upcoming Handbags and Luxury Accessories Signature Auction will include two bags Kardashian growing Hermes collection .The auction, which we in New York on 28 Will be held April Kim's Hermes Birkin Grizzly , which is 40 centimeters wide, and seems to have the larger version of Grizzly Birkin Kim implementation we discovered last week . Her Hermes Kelly Relax , it's a casual , 50 -centimeter version of the traditional Kelly bag in orange leather, are also for sale. Both bags are limited edition , the Birkin is an opening bid of $ 10,000 , which $ 7,500 to have Kelly. Considering how Kim's wardrobe has a dark , something has gone minimal direction , since they hooked up with Kanye , it's not so surprising that it sends these two bags in particular to new owners .If you want (in addition to the other insane lust - among other things worthy bags in this auction, which includes a bevy of exotic Birkin ) on this offer these bags in person , the auction will be on 28 April assume the Fletcher - Sinclair Mansion on the Upper East Side of New York. For those of you interested in bidding in advance online or look at the rest of the auction the offer , visit .